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World Equal Magazine – Vol 4-2016

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Published by: World Equal Magazine

Published: 2015

Square 8″ x 8″
244 pages

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An inspirational magazine geared at the promotion of Fashion, Art, Photography, Music and the Alternative. Featuring: Rebecca Anne, Karl Bowe, Catherine Gibson, Michelle Anderson, Claire Garvey, Richard Lynch, LSH Promotions & Modelling, Tara Tennyson, Travis Young Model, Veronika Byrne Hair Stylist, Emmette Dillon, David Henderson, Gemma Crossan, House of Maiya, Piyanuch Chanphet, Art, Vinko Kalcic, Mandy Tsung, Lilia Milpetrova, Graeme McAllister, Photography, Heidi Mitchell, Art Schumann, Scott Church, Yvonne Given, Norman A Quinn, Music, International Guinness Blues On the Bay Festival 2015 , Keith Doran Trio, Megan McConnell, Suzanne Savage, Young Aviators, Madame Guillotine, Alternative, Simon “Showbiz” Gross, Sassie Longshaft – Drag Queen, Being Gay in Northern Ireland, Jana Klappert Hair/Model, Tatt House, Luna Sangre, Octopus’s Garden, Stevie Badger @ Cusick Tattoos, Christine Lynne, Fusion Fashion, Shelley Rodgers; Kieran Sherry; Angela Carson; Yvonne Given.

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